Monday, October 29, 2012

To Mom:

Greetings Animal Lovers,
Today I've decided to deem this post an apology to my mother, whose patience and lenience was constantly tested while I was a child.  I can remember conveniently finding dogs and kittens around the neighborhood that I begged to keep and promised to take care of.  Surprisingly enough Mom allowed me the freedom to take in animals, and even purchased their necessities.  In the meantime every animal I desired contributed to a house of chaos and unwanted smells and messes, not just from my friends and I, but my pets as well.  Although sworn into having full responsibility for the animals, I had to be repeatedly reminded of chores that needed to be done and proper ways to do them.  I swear for eight years my mom had to remind me to clean out the cat box, which I account for her having such a keen sense of smell.  I had a fish tank full of fish that often began to smell a week after changing the water, I always had to be told when it was time and reminded the procedure of doing it correctly.  

There were countless times when the duo of my cat and dog together caused haywire around our household on a regular.  Despite the fact that they were playing they often chased each other full speed and when caught, inevitably tussled into knocking things over.  Whether glass was being broken or rugs were being stained with spilled drinks, my pets never failed to let their appearance be known.  I had a bunny when I was 11 that would poop and pee everywhere when I let it out to play.  I was pretty good for cleaning it up, but too many times I had to be shown where I missed a few pebbles.  My dog would always track in the house whether he walked through dirt or not.  I could probably go on for essays about burdens that my animals brought upon my mom, and it is for this I am giving my apologies. 

I am truly sorry for the unwanted smells of cat urine that steamed through your guest bathroom.  I'm sorry for the need of warnings to your company to be cautious of small pellets on the floor, or aware that my dog would awkwardly sniff them just once 'then he knows ya'.  I'm sorry for the messes and spills that I half-assed cleaned up but most of all I'm sorry for Taz and Zeus breaking your crystal wreath.  You really stuck it out for me while I lived there and now that I'm gone I hope your enjoying your peaceful and pet free abode.
Your Daughter 


  1. This post made me literally laugh out loud. My dad is the same way about my two pit bull puppies causing turmoil and dirt all over the house, yet he also puts up with it. I'm sure your mom is ecstatic to have a pet free home now, but shes a saint for putting up with all of your little loves. It just shows that she is a loving and caring parent. I'm happy you shared this post because I can relate in so many ways.

    1. I can only imagine how rambunctious two pit bulls would be under the same roof. I give props to your dad for putting up with that. Thanks for reading, stay tuned!

  2. My house is the same way, we have few birds, cats, dogs and my one ferret. My ferret I take care of my own, and I agree with you that moms have a keen sense of smell because she complains about my ferret smells. I should apologize to her too!